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Don’t be shy little fish, go ask her to dance. 



My contribution to Gallery 1988’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Show, starting in NYC! (It travels to some more cities, but i am unsure of the details, you guys)

Opening April 19 …runs through 26th

@ 69 Leonard Street in lower manhattan.  (Right around the corner from the Ghostbusters Firehouse)

Guess who’s gonna be a pillow? #shark #nerd #craft

First post from my brand new Cintiq! Man, what a difference. I have been dealing with a super annoying thumb injury (don’t ask, it’s gross) which has kept me from drawing until today. Very frustrating. Lot of catching up to do. Hopefully the Cintiq will help with speed though, which will mean more art and more posts!

Mary Blair exhibit at the #Disney family museum today with work people. Must see. The vibrancy and beauty of her colors do not see justice in print. #maryblair


For a change, here’s some work I do during my day job! I work at Disney Interactive and am currently on a Hidden Objects game called Disney Hidden Worlds. My primary job is to take each disney movie we do, and make a floating island out of it that has all the elements of the film. It is quite a challenge! But, also very fun to study all the different disney/pixar films and recreate them in a different way. We have a team of artists that works on these, but here are the first 3 islands that I worked on. 

I made note at the bottom of who did what, but for all of these, the layout was done by a different artist. Also, for the Little Mermaid island, I only took it to the color rough state, and another artist finished it off. So, that’s why the one I’m posting is unfinished.

Also, I have to note that in the game, these islands are animated by our incredible animators! Characters walk around, water ripples, trees bounce and drop leaves when you click on them, etc.! It’s really wonderful, and if you have any interest in hidden objects games, you can check it out here! http://www.disneyhiddenworlds.com/

More to come! I have many more islands I have created, and will post them as they become public content in the game!


Some more of my Disney Hidden Worlds work! This is the Brave Island. Props to my awesome co-worker Brittnie for doing the layout for me on this one :)  The last image is the initial color rough I did to get brand approval. 


Pim and Pom, Friends for Life.


Pim and Pom, Friends for Life.

Things I find when I clean out drawers in my studio. #80s #garbagepailkids

Things are getting complicated. #art #sketch #wip